Segenn's Puppy Training en Hygiëne Pads - Zindelijkheidstraining - Hondentoilet 60 x 90 cm - 100 stuks



The needs of animals are paramount when developing SEGENN products. These arise shortly after birth, so that even sweet puppies think of treats, fun toys and a cozy place to sleep; Of course you have to do your stool every now and then and sometimes it affects your new carpet or high-quality parquet.

SEGENN puppy pads - this is how your dog comes out step by step

Use our absorbent training documents to quickly make the above scenario a thing of the past. All you need to do is stick this in one place in your apartment and keep your dog on it, even if he has relieved himself in another place. Over time, he will get used to the pee mats, drawn to their attractants, and then go about his business alone in this lavender-scented puppy toilet.

If so, you can reward him with a snack. Then move the mat closer and closer to the front door. Your puppy will definitely be potty trained in a short time!

Strong absorbency - Made of cellulose mixed with SAP (super absorbent), very absorbent. The top layer lets the liquid in but not out again

Rapid aspiration - The top corrugated layer directs the liquid in different directions, allowing the liquids to disperse and aspirate quickly.

Prevents seepage - The bottom layer of PE film acts as a sealing and protective layer that prevents any leakage. The floor is protected from urine stains and dirt.

Training Aids - Disposable Pet Hygiene Pads that contain natural additives that will interest puppies, make potty training easy and ensure hygiene and cleanliness

Questions? One package contains 100 training documents measuring 60x90 cm. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions!

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